3 Sangria Recipes to Fit Your Needs

3 Sangria Recipes to Fit Your Needs

Cheers, it’s sangria season!! Have you ever tried making it at home? Well, why don’t you?  I’ve seen lots of recipes online and have decided to share three of them with you.

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The Easiest Sangria Recipe

Sometimes you don’t want to have to spend your paycheck on a cart load of ingredients just to make a refreshing summer drink. For this recipe you can get these simple ingredients at any small store, go home and in 5 minutes have a delicious beverage. Check out the first recipe from Winefolly on this list.

The Sweetest Sangria Recipe

If you like a sweeter sangria, this recipe is for you. It uses white wine and peach schnapps. It’s still pretty easy to make and a nice change if you drink a lot of red sangria. Check out the recipe from Lauren Conrad  here.

The Fanciest Sangria Recipe

I say this is the fanciest recipe because it takes more than pouring and mixing ingredients… it requires making strawberry simple syrup. To some this is an intimidating hurdle, but there is no time like the present to learn! It also requires lots of ingredients but as you can imagine it’s yummy! If you have the time then check out the recipe from Sweet Little Bluebird  here.

I hope you give one of these a shot this summer.  Enjoy!

If you’d like to share a recipe, please post in the comments section.

- Alleah

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