Wine Club Recap: Purity Wines – January 2020

January is a month for firsts… and this January I’m doing a big first…

The Bliss Wine Club is featuring wines from my good friend and California winemaker Noel Diaz. Yes…you heard me… January is featuring non-imported wines! Noel Diaz is the owner and winemaker of Purity Wines in California.

Purity Wines are among my FAVORITE domestic natural wines. Noel and I have done case exchanges in the past where I give him 12 bottles and he gives me 12 bottles. This means I get to enjoy his wines all year long and they make up most of the California wine that I drink.

This might not happen again…we had some logistical hiccups and delayed shipments from Europe that threw a wrench in what I was planning to send. I didn’t want to repeat any wines we sent for the wine club last year and then I had this brilliant idea! I called up Noel and he was happy to help us out. His wines are not easy to find so I’m excited to have picked out four awesome bottles for you.

Just a heads up… I only have enough wine for 3 new members… so now is the perfect time to sign up! First come, first serve. This is extremely limited stock.

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What is the wine from Austria like?

It’s Carnuntum, Austria! An area known for deep, red wines near the Hungarian boarder. 

If you are a wine geek you may already know a lot about Austrian wine. Here we give an overview of the different regions we visited and what to expect from the wines there.

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Podcast: Sneak peak into a Chicago event for wine importers only

Click play to listen about what was essentially a sh** show of an event in Chicago.

I did realize I failed to mention that I spit everything and probably only drank 1/2 glass of wine over the entire 3 day extravaganza.

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Podcast: Somm-what??

What the heck is a sommelier?

Press play to listen to 15 minutes of hopefully useful and mildly entertaining content that breaks down the sommelier certification.

I probably couldn’t have pronounced the word sommelier a few years ago so this shouldn’t be too geeky of a podcast.

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My 1st Podcast Ever

Press play below to listen to my first 2.5 minutes of podcasting.

Podcasting has come up several times over the past few years. I even bought a bunch of second hand podcasting equipment back in 2012 and never used it. I was pretty tired today because we drank copious amounts of wine with new friends Marcy and Roger last night. (Marcy is a wine-o too

So today I needed a distraction and starting the podcast was the perfect activity. Not much content in this podcast as I’m just trying to see if I can get this thing uploaded and working. But please press “play” and check it out…it’s only 2.5 minutes long.

Future topics:

- discussions on odd wine topics
- conversations with wine professionals all over the world
- insights from our customers
- random ideas or things I want to chat about
- something else educational


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Can You Make “New World” Wine Taste Like “Old World” Wine?

A friend of mine recently asked me what’s the deal with “old world” wine versus “new world” wine? Is it real? Or is it just a marketing gimmick to help advertise old world wines? He also asked, “can’t we get our wines here at home to taste like old world wines?”

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