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Wine Pairings for a Perfect Valentine’s Meal

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Are you prepared for a special Valentine’s Day dinner? Choosing the wine to go with your meal doesn’t have to be complicated. In this post, we are going to give you some foolproof tips to help you pick the best wine for your special someone.

Valentine’s Day can be kind of commercial, right? It doesn’t have to be though. We see Valentine’s Day as an excuse to do something special with your loved one and celebrate your relationship. A special homemade dinner with a one-of-a-kind wine can never go wrong. You don’t need expensive gifts to make it a night to remember!

So first thing’s first, what are you having for dinner?

Big & Bold Dinner

A dinner that features bold meat flavors can hold up to a bold red wine. The wine can be tannin heavy or just bold in flavor or complexity. Make sure you’re matching the boldness of the dish to the boldness of the wine.

Any grape can be made into a easy drinking wine or a complex or tannin-driven wine depending on how it’s made. If you are looking for boldness and structure, look for wines that spent time in oak barrels.

This might sound fancy, but I think the best wines don’t really spend a lot or even any time in oak.

For natural complexity I’d drink some natural reds from southern France or Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley, which is naturally high in tannin. I’d also turn to Nebbiolo or Sangiovese in Italy. 

Nice & Light Fare

Let’s face it…a lighter dinner might be better on Valentine’s Day…wink wink… so opt for a high acid white wine from Austria to pair with fish or lemony flavored sauces.

High acid white wine can carry you from appetizers to main courses too, so don’t be afraid to pick up two bottles. Or you could have some fun and get a funky orange wine or unfiltered white.

Who Needs Dinner?

Sometimes, you just want a wine to sip on its own, before or after a meal. Natural wines are great on their own, filled with complex flavors and interesting notes. They don’t rely on a meal to bring out their best selves.

Natural wines often pair a lot easier with many different types of meals compared to highly processed wines.

So, your mission now is to go find the geekiest shop you can find and get a recommendation on something fun!

Wine Club Recap: Purity Wines – January 2020

January is a month for firsts… and this January I’m doing a big first…

The Bliss Wine Club is featuring wines from my good friend and California winemaker Noel Diaz. Yes…you heard me… January is featuring non-imported wines! Noel Diaz is the owner and winemaker of Purity Wines in California.

Purity Wines are among my FAVORITE domestic natural wines. Noel and I have done case exchanges in the past where I give him 12 bottles and he gives me 12 bottles. This means I get to enjoy his wines all year long and they make up most of the California wine that I drink.

This might not happen again…we had some logistical hiccups and delayed shipments from Europe that threw a wrench in what I was planning to send. I didn’t want to repeat any wines we sent for the wine club last year and then I had this brilliant idea! I called up Noel and he was happy to help us out. His wines are not easy to find so I’m excited to have picked out four awesome bottles for you.

Just a heads up… I only have enough wine for 3 new members… so now is the perfect time to sign up! First come, first serve. This is extremely limited stock.

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