ENO is pouring our Hannes Sabathi Sauvingnon Blanc from Styria, Austria

ENO San Francisco is pouring our Austrian Sauvignon Blanc

How many of you live in (or are heading to) San Francisco – specifically near Union Square? If you live anywhere near it and haven’t yet visited ENO, you are seriously missing out!!

What’s so cool about this place is their desire to share knowledge with their customers. Vintners, cheese makers, and even master confectioners visit frequently to pass on things they have learned and to share in the love of all things wine-related! While you’re there meeting fantastic people, you can also check out Bliss Wine Imports’ Hannes Sabathi Klassic, an aromatic Sauvignon Blanc from the mountainous Styria region in Austria.

Make sure you give the staff our love and tag us in your posts while there! Happy wining! Hannes Sabathi Sauvignon Blanc Klassic STK spec sheet

hannes sabathi sauvignon blanc Bliss wine imports

hannes sabathi sauvignon blanc Bliss wine imports

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