A beautiful little house on a vineyard in the French countryside.

Imported Wine Is About To Get Cheaper

Normally it’s expensive to get wine from that cute little vineyard in Europe to that wine refrigerator you scored at Costco for $99.  Now there is a new process and it’s super efficient.  Efficiency equals more cash in your wallet.

Normal Process

1. Winemaker sells wine to the importer

3. Importer sells to the distributor

4. Distributor sells to the retailer/restaurant

5. Retailer sells to the wine-drinker

New Process

1. Winemaker sells to the importer

2. Importer sells directly to you online

See those two extra steps in the Normal Process? They account for about half of the price of the wine at the store.  Do you want to pay for those steps? Not me. We are a new breed of innovative importers. We have decided to skip the distributor and retailer, give folks free shipping and still offer the wine for 18-22% lower than what the wine would sell for in a store.

Ta dah!!!!

Note: Buy responsibly, find an importer you trust.  Pick us, pick us! 

Learn all about how we choose and import our wine for our wine club here.

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