Italian Wine and Pizza is Proof of a Higher Power

Everyone gives credit to Italy for its great wine. If you are like me, you even feel forever in debt to the country that invented pizza and lots of other combinations of tomato, cheese and carbohydrate. We were excited when we got an invitation to tour a few vineyards in the Piedmont Region in Northwest Italy.

Even though great wine is found all over Italy, Piedmont is one of the two most famous regions in the country. It is most famous for its Nebbiolo grape. Typically it creates a light bodied but highly acidic and tannic wine that has an unmistakable mouthfeel and aromas of rose petals. Achieving a balanced wine with this grape is key.

We spent the day with Anna Savino who is native to California but has resided in Piedmont for 10 years. Anna organizes private food and wine tours in the area for folks who wish to have an authentic and rich experience while visiting the area. It is no wonder she is so successful because the day she planned for us was delectable! If you are planning a visit you should definitely contact her.

We visited two small family run vineyards in two nearby regions (Barbaresco and Barrolo). It was wonderful experiencing the differences between the wines from the Nebbiolo grape from each region. We also tried wines from Barbera, Dolcetto and Nascetta grapes. For me personally, the winner of the day was a wine made from a rare grape called Freisa. It was such a delicious wine with black fruit and a smoky aroma. Very concentrated rich flavor with incredible tannins smoothed by long oak aging. The kind of wine that you want to drink up all by yourself. Yum!

We were absolutely stunned by the beauty of the region. The scenery is a dramatic landscape of steep vineyards and a magnificent mountainous background. Here are a few pictures from our visit:

Piedmont Italy Vineyards Bliss Wine Imports

Italian Winemaker

Piedmont Italy Wine Country alleah and anna savino

Italy Wine Country Flowers



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