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Can You Make “New World” Wine Taste Like “Old World” Wine?

A friend of mine recently asked me what’s the deal with “old world” wine versus “new world” wine? Is it real? Or is it just a marketing gimmick to help advertise old world wines? He also asked, “can’t we get our wines here at home to taste like old world wines?”

bliss-portugal-71 copy 2This question had never crossed my mind before, but I thought that the root of it was definitely worth talking about and I explain more in the video below.

In case you don’t know, “old world” is the name for wine coming from European countries that have been making wine for thousands of years. They are typically described as earthier, and more floral. “New world” wines are from South Africa, North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, etc and other places that have more recently begun to make high quality wine. They’re often described as more fruit driven. Of course, those are vast generalizations.

My friend was basically asking whether you can make a wine taste differently than it would naturally taste. The answer is yes, absolutely you can. Changing a wine’s flavor profile is a common practice. It can be done by using different strands of yeast in the winemaking process and by using additives in the wine. As with everything, wine flavor manipulation happens on a spectrum. It can be done responsibly, but here at Bliss Wine Imports we are fans of minimal intervention and we strive to find wines that naturally taste delicious.

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