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Water Usage in Agriculture: Dry Farming

Yesterday in the United States, President Trump rolled back some of the Obama-era water pollution regulations. Most notably, the Environmental Protection Agency decreased federal protection of small waterways and wetlands that only began being protected by the Clean Water Act five years ago. These changes are supposed to help farmers who stated that the protections were overly broad, but also significantly benefit real estate developers and other industries.

Water use in agriculture can be a very divisive issue, as different areas of the country experience significant droughts and rely on importing water from other river systems to irrigate their crops. This can cause strain on the communities that rely on that water and in some instances can even completely change a community’s economy, even destroying once flourishing areas.

All of the wines chosen for our wine club use dry farming techniques to minimize water use.

One solution to this problem of water usage and maintaining clean waterways is to use dry farming methods. Dry farming or dryland farming is when agricultural crops are grown without any irrigation. The only water they use is directly from rainfall or else stored in the soil from wet winter months. Dry farming can result in failed crops and lost investment, but it can also produce superb wine in an environmentally-friendly manner. All of the winemakers that we work with here at Bliss Wine Imports for our wine club use dry farming techniques, so you can be assured that the wine you drink that comes from us is made in the most environmentally-responsible way possible.

Should crops be grown in an area where they require consistent irrigation? Or should all farms make use of dry farming techniques and only grow what the landscape can naturally support? We think that all water usage should be carefully considered and reduced wherever possible to preserve our environment and leave clean and healthy water for future generations.

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