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What is Natural Farming in the Wine World?

In the wine world, natural farming is the same as organic farming but with one big difference.  Natural farming takes it a step further. The goal of natural farming is to have the healthiest vineyard ecosystem, in order to grow the best grapes possible. This is accomplished by:

1) Using organic vineyard treatments
2) Keeping the number of vineyard treatments to a minimum

Natural vineyard treatments

Almost all vineyards need some sort of treatment to prevent or cure mildew or disease. The most common organic and natural vineyard treatments are topical applications of solutions of only the natural chemicals sulfur or copper.

The opposite of natural treatments involve systemically apply synthetic chemicals to the vineyard. A systemic treatment would cause these chemicals to be soaked up by the plant from the ground resulting in chemicals running all through its veins and its grapes. That means those chemicals end up in your wine.

Natural topical treatments involve simply spraying natural chemical solutions on the leaves so they are not digested by the plant. These applications are the best for keeping the vineyard ecosystem healthy and full of life. Our winemakers’ vineyards are full of things like wild growing flowers, herbs and plants, bees and other insects. Many of them leave the vineyard rows full of tall grasses and other plants that leave the vineyard looking and feeling wild!


Minimal treatments

There is a catch. There are many organic winemakers who apply too many natural treatments. Applying too many organic natural treatments can result in heavy metals in the soil which can transfer into the grapes and wine. This can be prevented if a winemaker not only believes in organic treatments but also believes in minimal treatments.

Natural farming does not require organic certification

All of our winemakers use natural organic farming practices but not all are certified organic. These winemakers believe in healthy vineyard ecosystems but they don’t want to be regulated by the rules of organic farming because those rules do not always result in the healthiest soil and grapes. This makes a lot of sense. They want the freedom to use what they need in a rare emergency to maintain a healthy and sustainable vineyard. Anybody can say they use natural farming methods, so we don’t just take a winemaker’s word for it.

Natural grapes make the best tasting wine

We only buy and sell wine from winemakers who live by this philosophy of using minimal natural treatments to promote a healthy, alive and sustainable vineyard. They don’t do this for marketing reasons or simply because it’s “good to be organic.” They do it because they believe it results in the best tasting wine.

- Alleah

Check out our wines, they are all made from naturally farmed grapes.  The picture above is one of our vineyards in Portugal.

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