Alleah, Chief Wine Drinker at Bliss Wine Imports

Alleah, Chief Wine Drinker at Bliss Wine Imports Hi, I'm Alleah, and I'm probably one of the pickiest wine drinkers you know.

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  • Exotic & unique

    • Exotic grapes
    • Exotic regions
    • Exclusive artisan wines
  • Pure & natural

    • Minimalist processes
    • Organic vineyard treatments
    • No synthetic pesticides or fertilizers
  • Old fashioned with a twist

    • We find the world’s best small vineyards
    • We painstakingly select our wines
    • We skip the distributors and ship to you

What our customers are saying

  • "As an entrepreneur and someone that likes "real" wines, I'm intrigued by what you're doing. We had so many reasonably priced, excellent wines in France that we just can't get here. Getting access to wines like that is very cool."

    Steve B.

  • "So far everything has been very unique, which being from the [San Francisco] Bay Area is a breath of fresh air."

    Warren M.

  • "I have followed the Bliss Wine Imports story on Facebook for months now. I have been totally impressed by their journey to find the best tasting wines at the best value. Most wine buying groups are just finding the wine they like that is already in the USA. Bliss goes to the source and finds the best! Can't wait for my wine to arrive!"

    Jason R.

  • "This wine blew me away. It seemed more complex than other reds I've had, and just had a sophistication to it that I loved. It wasn't overly fruity and the floral nature to it was nice but not overbearing. It went really well with our meal and was a great conversation piece with our guests."

    Neil R.

  • "I've been following Bliss Wine Imports' story from the beginning, learning about wine from Alleah and Erin's travels. Alleah's wine videos and blog about the wines proved to me that she knew her stuff. Her dedication to researching these little known family wineries impressed me so much that I decided to try one of her 6-pack cases for the holidays.

    The wine arrived on-time and well packaged (and biodegradable packaging!). I enjoyed trying the different types of wines as I perused the Bliss website. I brought a bottle of the 2012 Caecus Verderón white to my neighbor's dinner party, and it was a big hit! What a way to impress my new neighbors! I'm looking forward to tasting the next collection!"

    Pilar N.

  • "I used to be a wine drinker then had to stop due to frequent stomach issues every time I had a glass but THEN I decided to taste a wine from Bliss Wine Imports and wa la la... I've turned back into a wine lover and can now drink wine again due to the quality and taste. So pure! Thanks Alleah and Erin for introducing me to it. Bring on some more!!!!"

    Beth D.

  • "The wine is stellar. We're both loving it."

    Joseph H.

  • "Great people, great wines, quality service, and, oh yeah...a SUPERIOR website with all the info you could ever need on their wines. 5 stars only because that's as high as it goes."

    Marci R.

  • "I have never bragged about a white wine before, until now! This is the best, most unique white I've EVER tasted."

    Marci R.