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Alleah Friedrichs

Co-Founder & President

Alleah founded Bliss Wine Imports in 2012 after earning her MBA in International Business at Monterey Institute of International Studies and working for a clean-tech startup in San Francisco. When she arrived in California she fell in love, not just with wine but with all the romance surrounding visiting vineyards on sunny weekend afternoons. She had a lot of difficulty trying to find clean (without additives) and small production wine in shops and thought it would be easier to start importing herself. Though "easier" may not have been the right word for it, that is what she did!

Alleah and her partner Erin set off to Europe for an initial 9 month, 100+ winery tour. It was on this trip that it became clear without any doubt that the best wines are those made with grapes grown without synthetic chemicals (organically farmed) and made with as little processing as possible (zero or almost no additives, light or no filtration, natural fermentations, etc.) Right from the beginning she started specializing in organic, biodynamic and natural wines.

Erin Geyer

Director of Technology

Erin has had a long career as a web and app developer, so it was natural that she would lead the technology and design side of the business when Alleah decided to create Bliss Wine Imports. Erin also has a passion for photography, and 99% all of the photos you'll see for Bliss were taken by Erin on their adventures in the world of natural wine.

After hundreds of winery and vineyard visits, winemaker interviews, and tastings all over the world alongside Alleah, she has ended up with a real-world education in wine.

We're dedicated to finding the world's best natural wines.

Every wine we evaluate involves an in-depth exploration of the place, people and processes that make the wine what it is.

We're driven by our love for amazing wine. We spend days, weeks, and months in foreign countries getting to know the languages, the people, the cultures. We explore long, winding dirt roads and find hidden vineyards that don't show up on maps.

We get lost in remote villages and have to ask for directions using hand signals more than we'd like to admit. We hike muddy fields and climb steep hillsides searching for people who make amazing wine. We never stop learning and we appreciate beyond measure the incredible job we have.

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We only import organic, biodynamic, natural wines

All of our winemakers use natural, organic vineyard treatments and minimalist winery practices. The pay off is more than just sustainable agriculture and a healthier environment. It also produces better tasting wine! Do you know what chemicals and additives are in the wine you drink?

Pay for wine, not marketing

We only buy wine that is fairly priced to begin with. Our prices reflect the real cost of the wine plus the cost of transportation from origin to the United States and a small markup for us. That means you get a fabulous price on unique, pure and memorable wines.

Why do some wines cost so much? It has a lot to do with marketing, and little to do with wine. Fancy, modern wineries have large investments to pay back, or spend huge amounts on marketing. Small family wineries that have owned their land and cellars for centuries don't have to jack up prices to get investment returns.

We're very picky.

Let's be real. Just because a winemaker is passionate and uses natural techniques and practices, it doesn't mean the wine will taste amazing. Finding winemakers who fit the profile we look for is just the first step in discovering whether a wine is delicious enough for you.

We taste thousands of wines before we make our selections. The ones that stand out are tasted again and again. The process continues until we've narrowed our selections to the few that embody the best taste, quality and value.

Why We
Started Importing

A Gambling Problem

Every time we got a craving for a bottle of wine, we did what everybody does. We hit the supermarket wine aisle, facing countless bottles, feeling anxiety build. It always felt like a gamble, with the odds piled high against us.

Drastic Measures

To fix the problem we decided to quit our jobs and become wine importers so that we could find the best wines, one by one, in person.

The Hunt

In 2014 we packed our bags and set out for Europe where we spent nine months exploring wine regions and tasting thousands of wines.

Trends We Discovered

As we visited more and more vineyards and tasted thousands of wines, we discovered some very strong trends.

We discovered that the best wines come from:

  • Small winemakers producing less than 10,000 cases per year

  • Winemakers that don't buy grapes from other vineyards

  • Vineyards that don't use pesticides or synthetic fertilizers

  • Winemakers that believe their job is to aid the natural process, not to create flavors to fit a certain profile

  • Grapes that are native to the region, not popular ones that are grown there just because they will easily sell

Now What?

We're a small company importing the small percentage of wines that have passed our tests and we're selling to people like you, who care about quality and taste as much as we do.

Sourcing our Wine

Taste testing

All of our wines must pass the obvious tests. They must be well balanced. Their complexity must match their age, price and intention. They must taste delicious. But this is not enough.

Only the best wines are consistently delicious, time after time, in every situation. These are the wines we import.

Tasting blind

Part of our process includes tasting wines blind. After we've selected a group of standouts of a certain style, we'll taste them again and again, blindly and at different times and places. It's amazing how some wines can taste good in one situation but taste completely different later or somewhere else.

Winemaker questions

When we meet a new winemaker, we spend hours asking them in-depth questions about how they make their wine. We tour their vineyards and their cellars. We taste wine that's not ready to be released yet and wine that's available for sale. We cover all the bases and get to know everything about their wines to make sure they are the perfect fit for us.

How Our Natural Wine Club Works

Each month we feature a natural winemaker

We ship 3-4 bottles of the featured winemaker's best to your door

You enjoy the best organic + natural wines in the world

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Alleah, Chief Wine Drinker at Bliss Wine Imports

Alleah, Chief Wine Drinker at Bliss Wine Imports Hi, I'm Alleah, and I'm probably one of the pickiest wine importers in the world.

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