Italian Wine and Pizza is Proof of a Higher Power

Everyone gives credit to Italy for its great wine. If you are like me, you even feel forever in debt to the country that invented pizza and lots of other combinations of tomato, cheese and carbohydrate. We were excited when we got an invitation to tour a few vineyards in the Piedmont Region in Northwest Italy.

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Langeudoc Roussillon vineyards where high value dry red and white wines are now being made

Updated: Why Explore Languedoc-Roussillon?

The Languedoc-Roussillon is France’s most up-and-coming wine region. It is historically known for poor quality, mass-produced wine. So why would we bother visiting? Because land is cheap and talented new winemakers are setting up shop here and starting to change the scene. We haven’t yet bought and imported wine from this region, but we have explored much of the area and there are a few wineries we’re keeping a close eye on. During our visit we found one amazing winemaker who really stood out among the rest. Check out the amazing ArĂ©s Blanc and Six Rats Noir (pronounce it with a French accent, and it becomes very funny name) that we’re bringing in from Domaine Le Conte Des Floris.

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