Bliss Wine Imports Celebration Giveaway!

We are thrilled to announce that our exclusive and limited wine portfolio selection is officially SOLD OUT! We have started a waiting list for the wine club for future releases but we are so excited and grateful about the response to our collaboration with Master Sommelier Andrey Ivanov that we decided to host a celebration giveaway!

We are giving away an entire CASE of natural wine (12 bottles!) to one lucky, randomly chosen winner (even shipping is included)! These amazing wines were put together specifically for this giveaway. This one-of-a-kind selection can’t be found anywhere else!

Submit your entry for the giveaway by entering your email below, which will then unlock three more ways to get additional entries in the giveaway and increase your odds of winning! *Hint* there is a way to get a new entry EVERY DAY!

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Bliss Wine Imports Celebration Giveaway FAQs

When does the giveaway start and end?

The giveaway begins on June 25, 2020 at 12 AM PT and closes on July 26, 2020 at 12 AM PT.

What is included in the case?

Wine Details (click on titles for more info)

Rufia Tinto 2016
Tart fruit, bright aromatics, lots of blueberry and cranberry notes with fresh herbs and underbrush. Low alcohol yet medium bodied and dense flavor profile.

Tiepido Modena DOC 2014
Dense color, light bodied, refreshing red that is best served chilled. It has a bit of a spicy and stemmy nose, that leads to a crisp mouthfeel. A lot of blue fruit dominates the nose. It is bottled as a frizzante wine at 3 atmospheres of pressure.

Gogi’s Wine 2013
This is a traditional eastern Georgian amber wine. The juice was left on the skins and lees for a period of six months while in the traditional qvevri vessels. The wine attains a deep amber hue due to the extended skin contact. The bouquet is quite fresh with notes of apricot and persimmon with chamomile and even a bit of turmeric on the nose. The palate is rich and broad with some exceptional mouthfeel due to skin contact. The wine is not bitter though, the flavor is moderated with just a touch of residual sugar.

Prantner Old Vine Welschriesling 2015
Multi-layered, mineral-driven, delicate nuances of yellow apples and herbs. Fresh acidity, elegant, lingering.

Vernaccia di Oristano DOC 2006
This is a golden color wine with an amber hue, which becomes even richer as it ages. The bouquet is intense and persistent, delicate and floral with a clear hint of almonds and a scent of toasted hazelnuts as the wine matures. Distinct notes of sea salt and a surprising acidity round out the finish.

Official Rules

Must be 21 years of age or older and located in the CONTIGUOUS UNITED STATES, excluding Alabama, Oklahoma, and Utah.

To view the complete terms and conditions for the giveaway, please visit this link.

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