Bliss Wine Imports Celebration Giveaway!

Our giveaway has ended! Congratulations to the winner:

Peter Carpenter

Thank you to everyone who participated! We had a lot of fun and we hope you did, too! We’re very excited about how much interest there is for natural wines these days. But, being natural isn’t enough… they must be incredibly delicious to make it into the Bliss Wine Imports portfolios! We sell out very quickly, so get on the reserve list NOW for the next available portfolio by CLICKING HERE.

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bunch of green grapes hanging from vine

How Farming Affects the Quality of your Cab

From a chemical perspective, wine is naturally a complex substance. You may have heard the popular saying…great wine is made in the vineyard. While it is a little cliche, it is also very true. What happens in the vineyard can determine what the winemaker can and cannot do. Every winemaker wants to make great wine but it is not possible to make great wine from poor quality grapes.

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Lake and mountain landscape in Chile

Water Usage in Agriculture: Dry Farming

Yesterday in the United States, President Trump rolled back some of the Obama-era water pollution regulations. Most notably, the Environmental Protection Agency decreased federal protection of small waterways and wetlands that only began being protected by the Clean Water Act five years ago. These changes are supposed to help farmers who stated that the protections were overly broad, but also significantly benefit real estate developers and other industries.

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Grapevines at an Organic and Biodynamic Vineyard

Why the Natural Wine Movement is Gaining Momentum

Throughout the US and the world, people are embracing natural—in their skincare, in their food, in their cleaning products, and increasingly in their wine. Natural markets are booming, and wine is no exception. Natural wine sales are estimated to top $200 million annually in the United States, according to Forbes.

Although there is no official certification for “natural”, generally natural wines are farmed using organic and biodynamic methods, whether or not the farm is certified organic on the state or national level. Organic and biodynamic farming methods emphasize protecting the soil and decreasing pollution, not utilizing additives or synthetic pesticides, and cultivating biodiversity.These methods especially emphasize an ecosystem approach, so growers may have multiple species growing in their vineyards, like wildflowers among the vines.

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Podcast: Wine Entrepreneurs

Click to listen to 6 solid minutes about some new types of wine start-ups. If you want to start your own business related to wine… I even have a few ideas for you.

– wine club
– apps
– private label wine
– wine gadgets (my recent fav:



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