Natural Wine Hall of Fame: Isabelle Legeron

March is almost over, which means our series featuring impactful women in wine is almost complete. For our last featured blog post, we will be featuring Isabelle Legeron, a longstanding champion of natural wine and founder of the RAW WINE annual wine festival.

Legeron grew up in France on a farm with a vineyard, so grapes have been a part of her life since the beginning. Rather than stay in her village and become a school teacher or some other local job, she moved to London and eventually started working in the world of wine again. She became the first and only French woman to become a Master of Wine. She also had a TV show on the Travel Channel called “That Crazy French Woman” that took people on her travels as she introduced viewers to the interesting world of natural wine.

Legeron has been focusing most recently on her creation of the RAW WINE fair, a natural wine fair focused on organic and biodynamic wines from around the world, connecting producers to importers and consumers. RAW WINE has grown into an annual event taking place around the world. There are fairs in London, Berlin, New York City, and Los Angeles. RAW WINE is an amazing opportunity for the advancement and exposure of natural wine and a place for natural wine fanatics to get together.

Legeron’s book, Natural Wine: An introduction to organic and biodynamic wines made naturally, is a great resource that covers how natural wine is made and why it’s important, and then walks the reader through different categories of wine and suggests natural wines they can get from each group (think red, orange, white, etc).

The wine industry is filled with strong women who are combatting massive gender discrimination to get the word out about natural wine and why it’s so much better and more interesting than a conventional wine. Legeron is another example of a woman who is able to take the lead in this industry to pave a new path for the future. Starting with her decision to leave home to pursue her own course in life, Legeron has consistently challenged the status quo and created new space for natural wine.

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