Natural Wine Hall of Fame: Pamela Busch

Pamela Busch has been an influential member of the wine industry for over thirty years. She has founded and directed wine bars in the San Francisco area, taught wine classes, and has spent the last 15 years writing about wine in the San Francisco Examiner and on her own blog, The Vinguard.

She was one of the first wine directors to focus on natural wines and bring more awareness to the natural wine movement, especially in California.
Busch started out as an assistant for a publisher in NYC, but feeling uninspired and looking for more, she got a temporary job at Astor Wines, which turned into a multi-year experience and resulted in her moving to San Francisco to work in wine full-time. Once the wine bug hits you, it can be hard to leave it behind!

Busch co-founded the Hays & Vine Wine Bar and later, founded the CAV Wine Bar & Kitchen. Both of these locations featured natural wines, which was rare at the time as natural wines were just starting to gain popularity. After writing about wine on her blog, focusing on pairings and recommendations, she has shifted perspectives instead to focus on social justice and environmental issues within the wine industry. Her blog, The Vinguard, helps bring light to some of the complicated issues facing the wine industry today. The Vinguard has covered topics like the proposed European tariffs and created a multi-series project featuring women in wine.

Busch has also founded the WINeFare, which is a wine tasting event honoring women in natural wine including importers, buyers, restaurants, and winemakers. This event is meant to promote conversation and discussion on discrimination in the wine industry and how to bring about more inclusivity to all marginalized groups. WINeFare 2020 is this weekend in San Francisco, so keep an eye out for Busch’s blog post summing up the event!

Pamela Busch has contributed to the wine world in so many ways throughout her career, from directly interacting with customers via curated wine lists at her wine bars, to training industry professionals, writing her knowledge down on her blog for a wider audience to benefit from, and now to focusing on issues in the wine world that historically have been swept under the rug. Busch is bringing a new light to the wine industry and by encouraging and guiding us along in these tough discussions, helping to make the future of wine a more inclusive and welcoming place for all.

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