5 Ways You Can Learn About Wine for Free

Have you ever wanted to learn more about wine but never made the time for it? Do you suddenly find yourself with some extra time on your hands? Or do you feel like you could use some distraction from work and the news?

In this article, we are going to round up some free resources you can use to learn more about wine and take your mind off of whatever may be troubling you. Spend five minutes, ten minutes, thirty minutes a day, whatever you want and learn some new things.

1. Wine Folly

Wine Folly is a great resource that talks all about wine. They don’t focus only on natural wine, but the breadth and depth of information they provide, especially visually, is wonderful. They also have a Wine 101 beginner’s guide that will walk you through the basics of wine step-by-step. You can sign up for their newsletter and also follow them on Instagram for quick little snapshots into their resources.

2. edX World of Wine E-Course

There is a free wine e-course available through edX from the University of Adelaide. You can take this free class live starting today! In this course, you will learn about the way wine is grown, how that affects the taste, and how to identify and describe the attributes of wine that you’re drinking, among many other things! This is a great option if you want a little more accountability than just browsing a website, but with no pressure to get a certain grade.

3. Wine Enthusiast

Wine Enthusiast has a basic one-page beginner article that goes through the key features that you should think about with wine. Wine Enthusiast also has a lot of articles and recipes with interesting content that you can get lost in. They even have a beginner guide all about natural wine that you can check out too.

4. Rachel Signer

Rachel Signer is a natural wine journalist with a regularly updated blog that you can follow for free. She also writes for the subscription print-only natural wine magazine Pipette.

5. Bliss Wine Imports Blog

Finally, we have to give a plug to our own blog. We work to post at least one new blog per week about natural wine and healthy living. You can sign up for our newsletter to keep updated on what’s going on with us and on our blog. You can watch a video about when we got stuck in the mud on our way to a vineyard and had to get towed out by the winemaker, how we tasted 1000 wines, and learn about what natural farming means for winemakers.

Let us know if you learn any new things about wine by tagging us on social media! @BlissWineImports on Instagram and @BlissWineImport on Twitter.

Natural Wine Hall of Fame: Deirdre Heekin

If there is one thing about the wine world, it’s that the people who devote their lives to it have amazing stories to tell. The way each person comes to wine is unique and maybe that’s why we’re able to discuss the different traits of each glass of wine with such vigor and interest. The bottles are just like each one of us.

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Natural Wine Hall of Fame: Pamela Busch

Pamela Busch has been an influential member of the wine industry for over thirty years. She has founded and directed wine bars in the San Francisco area, taught wine classes, and has spent the last 15 years writing about wine in the San Francisco Examiner and on her own blog, The Vinguard.

She was one of the first wine directors to focus on natural wines and bring more awareness to the natural wine movement, especially in California.
Busch started out as an assistant for a publisher in NYC, but feeling uninspired and looking for more, she got a temporary job at Astor Wines, which turned into a multi-year experience and resulted in her moving to San Francisco to work in wine full-time. Once the wine bug hits you, it can be hard to leave it behind!

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Beyond the Bottle: What Goes into Making your Wine Matters

As a wine drinker, it’s important to know what goes into your vino. Like anything we eat and drink, there’s a story of how it got from soil to table. The wine you drink is a powerful instrument of change, each sip a vote for what kind of planet future generations will inherit. Thankfully, you’ve got options beyond that bottle of supermarket value wine, the same way you can choose between conventional produce that was harvested out of season and shipped from 1000 miles away. Rising concerns of climate change, oppressive social and economic systems, and the long term economic viability of the wine market has led to a resurgence in traditional winemaking processes that diverge from conventional viticulture.

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You’re probably familiar with organic, sustainable farming, but what if there were an even better way to farm? A method that nourished all elements of the land, from microorganisms to livestock? Well, there is. Biodynamic farming is inherently sustainable, ethical, and organic, and it’s revolutionizing the wine industry. If you’re ready to discover wines that are truly worth your attention, read on.

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