We Miss Traveling!

Ahhhhhh traveling! 

We’ve plowed through a lot of obstacles to find natural wine that also pass our “deliciousness” tests.  Many of the farms we visit are very small and in remote areas around the world that are difficult to get to. Everything from weather, traversing difficult terrain, getting stuck in mud pits, to literally not being able to find the farms even while using coordinates.  But, nothing, absolutely nothing, could stop us on this journey because it’s what we love to do!  Visiting the farms in person, seeing it all first hand, spending multiple days with the winemakers, and getting our hands dirty has been a key aspect of building our relationships.

Enter covid.  Ack!!  While resiliency and a positive attitude are key attributes for successfully overcoming obstacles in any business, this one has been a doozy for us!  We know that part of having that positive mindset is finding the blessings in difficult situations. In our case, we have been fortunate enough to have visited so many wineries and have a number of  years of solid relationship building. Looking through this lens, covid has allowed us to stop for a moment and reflect on our business model, improve importing processes, and plan for the future. Not to mention using technology to assist us with new vineyards. Yes, it’s a slower process, but hey that’s life!

We don’t know when our next international travels will be. But, because of our relationships in the crazy natural wine world, we are often referred, and organically farmed wineries have been finding us.  Our business is growing mostly because more and more people are loving the experience that organically farmed, natural wines bring and also because of the shift in how we’re approaching things.  Covid might slow us down, but nothing will stop us!

BTW, natural and delicious wines don't have to be expensive. Have you tried any of ours yet?

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