Why We’re Heading South to Patagonia, Tonight

I need to tell you about the TV show that resulted in our booking a trip to Chile and Argentina within weeks of seeing it.

Chef’s Table is a Netflix Original that stands alone. Each episode is a documentary film that focuses on a famous chef, letting each one narrate his or her own story in a beautiful, personal way.

Episode 3 is dedicated to Francis Mallmann, an Argentine fire-cooking transient chef from Patagonia.

These 50 minutes of film are the most perfect and enjoyable piece of media I have ever consumed. The storytelling and cinematography are incredible. Francis’s philosophy is unique. His food looks beautiful and the backdrop of Patagonia is enchanting. Francis always seems to have a magnum of wine around.

All of this led me to immediately know two things:

1. I wanted to learn to fire cook

2. I wanted to go to Patagonia, as soon as friggin’ possible

It just so happened that booking a trip to Patagonia was also a great excuse to start wine scouting in Chile and Argentina. So, we found a company out of Santiago, Chile that rents 4×4 trucks with tents built right in on the roof that you can take camping through the two countries.

If you know me, you can guess… I BOOKED THAT TRIP RIGHT AWAY. Thankfully, Erin (my partner in life and biz) is usually down for anything and she required very little convincing.

So what do Francis Mallmann, Patagonia and fire cooking have to do with wine, other than being a good excuse for a trip down south?

It’s what I often say. Our wine importing business isn’t just about finding and selling wine. It’s about a lifestyle, it’s about following your bliss, it’s about the pursuit of all things wonderful.

So we’re taking off tonight, flying into Santiago, Chile and driving south. We’ll hit up a bunch of up-and-coming natural wine producers and then go even further south into Patagonia. We’ll hang out there exploring for a while, and then we’ll see what’s going on in Mendoza, Argentina, all before looping back to Santiago to fly home four weeks later.


Photo above is a screenshot taken from Chef’s Table, courtesy of Netflix.

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