Wine Questions

What exactly is Bliss Wine Imports?

Bliss Wine Imports provides delicious and affordable wines from remote regions of the world that are small-batch, family owned, and (usually) currently unavailable in the U.S. We are licensed to import, sell, and ship wine directly to people online without having to go through intermediaries. We are a company that has deep beliefs about what good wine is. We get really excited about high-value wines from interesting places. We think it is fun to grow a company that buys wine from amazing wine-makers and sell them to people for great prices.

Where do you get your wine from?

We buy from small vineyards from remote regions around the world who make boutique, artisanal wines.

Do your wines have screw caps or plastic corks?

At this time all of our winemakers use real, high quality corks.


How can I buy your wines?

We are currently taking custom orders while we finish building a new e-commerce platform. Email us and we'll create a custom case of wine just for you.

Can I order more of the same wine?

Yes! Once you receive your first shipment you will be able to order additional bottles of specific wines, but quantities will be limited. Please email us if you would like to reorder specific wines.

Will I be charged sales tax?

If your wine is shipped to a California address, you will be charged California sales tax which is 7.5%. Napa residents will be charged 8%. If your wine is shipped outside of California you will not be charged sales tax.

Shipping Questions

Do you control temperatures while the wine is being transported?

Our wine is shipped via temperature controlled freight and trucked to our warehouse in temperature controlled trucks. We use UPS to ship to you and are very sensitive of weather conditions. Sometimes we delay shipments or include ice packs to prevent the wine from heating.

When will my my wine arrive?

Your order will be shipped via UPS Ground. You will receive a UPS tracking number shortly after your order has been processed. All Bliss wine is stored at a professional refrigerated wine storage facility. If the weather is too hot when you place your order, we may wait until it cools down to ship the wine to you.

Who do you use to ship?

We use UPS wine shipping services.

Should I ship to my work or home address?

We recommend shipping to your work or business address because someone 21+ must be there to accept and sign for the package and to prevent return of your wine since people are usually there to accept it. Deliveries are only made on weekdays.

Do I have to be at home when it arrives?

Packages must be received by an adult 21+, but it does not have to be you.

What happens if I miss the shipment?

UPS will attempt to deliver the package 3 times. If unsuccessful, they will send the wine back to our warehouse. We will issue you a refund less the shipping charges we incur. We don't want this to happen, so we'll notify you when it is shipped and provide a tracking number!

Will I have to sign for my package?

Someone 21 or older must be available to sign for shipments containing wine. If the option is available to you, we suggest shipping to a place of business that has adults over the age of 21 available to sign for the package.

Can I have an order shipped to a P.O. Box?

Unfortunately, we're not allowed by law to ship wine to P.O. boxes.

How much does shipping cost?

We are able to offer free shipping because we have cut out the middlemen (distributors and retailers) who normally significantly markup the price of the wine much more than the cost to ship it to you.

Can I request an alternative shipping date?

Yes, please email us your request.

Do you still ship if the weather is hot?

It depends. We use temperature controlled ocean cargo and trucking to get the wine to our warehouse in Napa, California. If it is too hot out, we may postpone the delivery. In some cases our fulfillment partner will include ice packs which does a great job preventing wine from getting warm.

Is the shipment insured?

Yes, we insure all of our shipments. If something happens to your wine we will send a replacement or give you credit toward a future shipment.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time, Bliss Wine Imports is not shipping internationally.

Why can't certain wines ship to my state?

The laws for wine shipping are stringent and vary from state to state. Our licensing and warehouse inventory in those states will affect what is available to consumers. We support efforts to make the wine shipping laws more consumer-friendly and while progress is happening, there is still work to be done!

Payment Questions

Is my credit card secure?

Every page on our site is encrypted with the SSL (secure sockets layer) protocol. This protects your account information when you transmit personal data (like your name, address, or phone number). Credit card transactions do not occur on the servers. They occur on For more information on their security measures check out their website.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged at the time you make the purchase online.


How can I provide feedback?

We want your feedback! Just email us.

How do I change my email preferences?

At this time, please email us your request.

How do I change an order?

Please email us.

What do I do if my product is damaged?

Please email us asap so we can determine the best solution. We may need to ask you to take a photo so we can understand what happened as to prevent it in the future.

What do I do if I don't like my product?

Please email us asap so we can determine the best solution. We are dedicated to providing great wine and great service.

Other Questions

Can I make a request?

Please do! Email us.

Can I come with you?

Currently we are not offering organized tours. (We would love to in the future!) But if you are traveling in the same area we are, let us know and we might be able to arrange showing you the life of an importer for the day!

Do you accept recommendations from wine drinkers?

Yes, we love to hear about what you like and dislike about wine. We also love to hear your suggestions for wines and areas. Please email us.

Do you accept winery and/or wine producer requests to sell their products?

Yes! Please email us and we will consider your wines for evaluation and offering.

What is your privacy policy?

View our privacy policy here.

What are your terms of use?

View our terms of use here.

Can I refer a friend?

Yes! We'd be honored if you spread the word about our business. Please email us.

Can I include a gift message?

Yes, please email us with any special requests.

What people are saying about Bliss Wine Imports

  • "The wine is stellar. We're both loving it."

    - Joseph Hovespian

  • "This wine blew me away. It seemed more complex than other reds I've had, and just had a sophistication to it that I loved. It wasn't overly fruity and the floral nature to it was nice but not overbearing. It went really well with our meal and was a great conversation piece with our guests."

    - Neil Rieger

  • "So far everything has been very unique, which being from the [San Francisco] Bay Area is a breath of fresh air."

    - Warren Muller

  • "As an entrepreneur and someone that likes "real" wines, I'm intrigued by what you're doing. We had so many reasonably priced, excellent wines in France that we just can't get here. Getting access to wines like that is very cool."

    - Steve Betz

  • "I've been following Bliss Wine Imports's story from the beginning, learning about wine from Alleah and Erin's travels. Alleah's wine videos and blog about the wines proved to me that she knew her stuff. Her dedication to researching these little known family wineries impressed me so much that I decided to try one of her 6-pack cases for the holidays. The wine arrived on-time and well packed (and biodegradable packaging!). I enjoyed trying the different types of wines as I perused the Bliss website. I brought a bottle of the 2012 Caecus Verderón white to my neighbor's dinner party, and it was a big hit! What a way to impress my new neighbors! I'm looking forward to tasting the next collection!"

    - Pilar Newman

  • "Great people, great wines, quality service, and, oh yeah...a SUPERIOR website with all the info you could ever need on their wines. 5 stars only because that's as high as it goes."

    - Marci Rochester

  • "I'm already a big fan of the wines of Portugal and I was very impressed with the selections Alleah poured."

    - Marcy Gordon

  • "I have followed the Bliss Wine Imports story on Facebook for months now. I have been totally impressed by their journey to find the best tasting wines at the best value. Most wine buying groups are just finding the wine they like that is already in the USA. Bliss goes to the source and finds the best!"

    - Jason Reid

  • "Everything about Alleah's approach to importing – meeting the producers face to face, handpicking the wines, and connecting the consumer with the winemakers – appeals to me. The wines capture a sense of time and place in a bottle. Those of us who participated in the tasting quickly realized we were tasting the future of wine importing and it sure is blissful."

    - Elizabeth Smith