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Bliss is the exclusive U.S. importer of a very special wine portfolio that has been mostly limited to Michelin-starred and farm-to-table restaurants - these wines are not easily found anywhere else.

This special shipment is LIMITED in quantity, for a LIMITED time, for a LIMITED number of people... and for a surprisingly low price. Our wines are in very high demand and sell out quickly, so to guarantee your spot, reserve now.

For the first time ever, Bliss is organizing this special wine portfolio to sell direct to you through our wine club.

100% Organically Farmed, Pure, Clean, and Incredibly Delicious - 100% GUARANTEED!

Andrey Ivanov, Master Sommelier

Honored by Food & Wine Magazine as a Sommelier of the Year, Andrey's other distinctions are too numerous to list here.

Recommended By

Master Sommelier Andrey Ivanov

"The wines in this portfolio are provocative, deep, delicious, and unmistakably experiential.

Normally reserved for Michelin-starred restaurants, these wines exceed expectations and, as always, meet the extremely high standards for natural wines that Bliss is known for.

I strongly recommend that you reserve your spot now, as this offer is only for a limited time and for a limited number of people for prices far lower than you would expect.

I personally feel that this is an incredible opportunity to enjoy these naturally delicious wines in your own home, as a gift, or to share with friends. You will not be disappointed."

Andrey Ivanov, MS

P.S. - Contact me if you have any questions or if you would like some of my own personal pairing recommendations!

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* Bliss is the exclusive importer of these wines and they can only be offered for a limited time.

** Months two and three include 3 much higher cost wines, so we have added
complimentary bottles of the newest Rufia! We just had to make it an even 4 :)

The wine will be arriving from Europe and Australia in the next couple of months, so you must RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW if you want in on this opportunity.

Your card will not be charged until your wines are shipped. As always, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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(PS: If you're a current club member, you are already guaranteed a spot and no need to sign up again - congratulations!)

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What People Are Saying

  • "I was very impressed with the selections Alleah poured."

    - Marcy Gordon, Wine Writer

    "Everything about Alleah's approach to importing – meeting the producers face to face, handpicking the wines, and connecting the consumer with the winemakers – appeals to me. The wines capture a sense of time and place in a bottle. Those of us who participated in the tasting quickly realized we were tasting the future of wine importing and it sure is blissful."

    - Elizabeth Smith, Wine Blogger

    "So far everything has been very unique, which being from the [San Francisco] Bay Area is a breath of fresh air."

    - Warren Muller, Customer

  • "I have followed the Bliss Wine Imports story on Facebook for months now. I have been totally impressed by their journey to find the best tasting wines at the best value. Most wine buying groups are just finding the wine they like that is already in the USA. Bliss goes to the source and finds the best!"

    - Jason Reid, Customer

    "This wine blew me away. It seemed more complex than other reds I've had, and just had a sophistication to it that I loved. It wasn't overly fruity and the floral nature to it was nice but not overbearing. It went really well with our meal and was a great conversation piece with our guests."

    - Neil Rieger, Customer

    "As an entrepreneur and someone that likes 'real' wines, I'm intrigued by what Bliss is doing. We had so many reasonably priced, excellent wines in France that we just can't get here. Getting access to wines like that is very cool."

    - Steve Betz, Customer

  • "The wine is stellar. We're both loving it."

    - Joseph Hovespian, Customer

    "Great people, great wines, quality service, and, oh yeah...a SUPERIOR website with all the info you could ever need on their wines. 5 stars only because that's as high as it goes."

    - Marci Rochester, Customer

    "I brought a bottle to my neighbor's dinner party, and it was a big hit! What a way to impress my new neighbors! I'm looking forward to tasting the next collection!"

    - Pilar Newman, Customer