Pet-Nat 2019

Winery Balthazar-Ress

Region Rheingau, Germany

Grapes Riesling 100%
ProfileAt first glance, the PetNat is slightly bubbly and slightly cloudy. Riesling-typical aromas such as quince, pear, apple on the nose lead to a really fresh and bright palate. The wine is very bright and very crisp, and dangerously easy to drink!
Grape GrowingThe grapes for BR PetNat come from the Engelsmannsberg vineyard in Hattenheim. It is crisscrossed by several vineyard hedges. Although the vineyard is quite flat, one finds here - very rare for the middle Rheingau - isolated old natural stone walls to enclose the vineyards. To the west, there is a magnificent view over Hattenheim and the entire Rheingau as far as the Binger Loch. The soils are dominated by deep loess and loess loams as well as tertiary marl soils and clay lenses. Due to the deep structure, the soil can store a lot of water and ensure a high potential of water as well as mineral and nutrients in dry years. The vines can spread their roots well and get optimal nutrition.
WinemakingThe translation "naturally sparkling" basically already reveals the peculiarity that makes this type of wine. While the wine is still fermenting in the tank, it is transferred to the bottle - with residual sugar and, above all, with the yeast. The wine finishes fermenting in the bottle and, due to the closure with a crown cap, all the carbon dioxide remains in the bottle. Accordingly, some caution is required when opening the bottle!
More About the WinePetNat is not yet very common in the Rheingau, one of Germany's most traditional wine regions. This is a rare treat!

Wine Data


TA7,4 g/l

RS5,7 g/l

Sulfur25 mg/l 0 free

Soilloess and loess loams, tertiary marl soils and clay lenses

Altitude90 m 274 ft

Vineyard Agena

Production Size800 cases

PairingGrilled shrimp, Mangos, Fruit Salad, Pasta Salad, Potato Salad, Tacos, Tuna Salad. Cuisines: Picnics, Mexican


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