Von Unserm 2020

Winery Balthazar-Ress

Region Rheingau, Germany

Grapes Riesling 100%
ProfileCrisp, lean, and delightfully off-dry. This is not a sweet wine, just a slightly sweet one. The difference is quite important. Often, people say they don't like sweet wines. Well, yes, I wouldn't eat Sauternes with my taco either. There is a big middle ground between Coca-Cola and club soda, right? Think orange juice... This is a wine that has an aroma of lemon, pear, peach, but also sugar snap peas, mint, and wet slate. This is a mineral driven wine that jumps off your palate, but delights it with just a tease of sweetness.
Grape GrowingThe grapes for the "Von Unserm" Rheingau Riesling come from different parts of our selected vineyard sites in the Rheingau - from Rüdesheim to Oestrich to Erbach. On the one hand, the taste of the wine is influenced by the different soil structures such as clay loess, slate and sandy soils, and on the other hand by the different microclimate zones and the number of hours of sunshine. A large part of these grapes are harvested by hand during the harvest. In the process, the production team decides together when the right harvest time has come.
WinemakingThe individual Riesling grapes from the different vineyards, which later as a composition result in the "Von Unserm" Rheingau Riesling, are first harvested separately, pressed and then fermented in temperature-regulated stainless steel tanks. After fermentation and filtration, our cellar master decides which wines will be cuvéed and finally result in the classic "Von Unserm" Rheingau Riesling.
More About the WineThe »von unserm« Riesling is a high-quality- dry wine produced from fully ripened grapes. The practice of using »von unserm« to denote specially selected wines was started by Balthsar Ress, who founded the estate bearing his name in 1870. This brand – now in use for more than 140 years – and the high standards it represents are well proven.

Wine Data


TA7,5 g/l

RS5,9 g/l

Sulfurtotal 97 mg/l free 49mg/l

Soilloess and loess loams, tertiary marl soils and clay lenses

Altitude80-300 m 262-984 ft (different vineyards)

Vineyard Agena

Production Size1250 cases

PairingTacos, Pad Thai, Kung Pao Chicken, Fruit Salad, Ceviche, Papaya, Lemongrass Salad, Tea leaf Salad, Chips & Guacamole. Cuisines: TexMex, Thai, Chinese, Burmese


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