Selezione Vecchie Vigne 2014-15-16 MV

Winery Fattoria di Caspri

Region Tuscany, Italy

Grapes Sangiovese 92%, Syrah 8%
ProfileDense, concentrated, quite intense. The tart red fruit really jumps out of the glass, with lots of fresh herb and rustic notes.
Grape GrowingDemeter certified biodynamic farming. Biodynamic vegetable crops are rotated around the property. Vineyard is completely surrounded by forest protecting it from chemicals and yeasts from other wineries. Sulfur and copper use are strictly regulated, so as to not exceed the strict limits of Demeter. The vineyards have year round cover crop. All ingredients for the tisanes are grown and foraged on property as well. Harvest is 100% by hand and using small boxes to protect the delicate condition of the fruit.
WinemakingThe winery is on the property and grapes spontaneously ferment in 1500L non-temperature controlled open oak conic tanks for one month. All wines undergo the same process. No corrections are made in the winery. Unfined, unfiltered. The wines then rest in used 600L oak barrels for varying amounts of time. The Sangiovese from the 2014 vintage has spent three years in barrel. The 2015 Sangiovese spent two years in used barrel. The 2016 Sangiovese as well as the 2016 Syrah spent just one year. The vintages were subsequently blended and bottled in 2018. They have been maturing in bottle ever since.
More About the WineThis is the winery's most cherished bottling. "The blend is incredible, a very high complexity with the Sangiovese and the little part of Syrah (provides tannins that) are very supple."- Bertrand

Wine Data


RS<3 g/L

SulfurNone Added

Soil80% decomposed gneiss, 20% sand

Altitude350-400m (1148-1312ft)

Vineyard Age15-35 years old

Production Size2,500 bottles

PairingTomato based sauce, Beets, Duck, Ossobucco, Venison, Waguy Cuisines: Central Italian, Russian, Sicilian, Japanese

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