VELUE ~ Muskateller 2019

Winery Bioweingut Johannes Zillinger

Region Niederösterreich, Austria

Grapes Grüner Veltliner 100%
ProfileAromatic, floral, herbal. This is a great example of the aromatics you would normally associate with Muskateller. The wine has a surprising crisp and sharp quality. It is not oily or flabby, or even too bitter. Lots of ripe orange and peach notes for fruit, but also quite full of orchid and lilac notes as well.
Grape GrowingCertified organic and Demeter bio-dynamic, these are the first grapes to be harvested usually in mid-August. Johannes uses Demeter treatments 500 (horn manure), 501 (horn kiesel mountain crystal) and 507 (herbs and valerian to help with frost and vine relaxation). A small group of local winemakers co-produce the fermented manure 30km from the vineyard. Needless to say, all grapes are manually harvested.
WinemakingThe Velue grapes are foot-stomped at the winery in an oak open top vat, then left to macerate on the skins for 6-10 hours. Most of the grapes (90%) are spontaneously fermented at 23-25°C inside a steel tank. The wine is then left to mature on the full lees until the end of the following February. It is then racked once a few days before bottling, with sulfites added on the day of bottling. The rest of the wine is made from grapes fermented in qvevri (same juice that goes into Numen) and macerated on their skins for three months.
More About the Wine"Velue" is the old name for Velm-Goetzendorf, the village the winery is located in. It is also the name of the old willow trees growing near the river that originally give the village its name.

Wine Data



TA6 g/L

RS<1 g/L

Sulfur30ppm (15ppm free, added day of bottling)

Soilloess and lime-sandstone

Altitude200-233m (656-764ft)

Vineyard Age15-25 years

Production Size600 cases

PairingCucumber/mint salad. Fried squash blossoms, Trout, Carrots, Barramundi, Ham & pineapple pizza Cuisines: Vegetarian, American, Polynesian, Australian

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