REFLEXION - Lage Steinthal Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Winery Bioweingut Johannes Zillinger

Region Niederösterreich, Austria

Grapes Cabernet Sauvignon 100%
ProfileAromatic, fresh, definitely has a cold climate touch. The nose is tart currant, blueberry, black cherry, bell pepper, sage, mint. The palate is deceptively dense. The extended skin contact definitely helps make this a medium bodied wine. Great acidity and balance, reminiscent of Chinon Cabernet Franc.
Grape GrowingThe Steinthal vineyard was first planted over 100 years ago to St. Laurent. In 1987, Hans Zillinger decided to expand the vineyard to include Cabernet Sauvignon. The vineyard is farmed biodynamically, hand harvested. The site of the Cabernet vines are on a hilltop on mostly limestone soil to enhance the acidity and minerality even further!
WinemakingGrapes are pressed gently into 1000L amphorae and undergo a two week long fermentation process. The entire time is spent on lees and skins, never punched down during fermentation! Skins increase color and tannins, necessary for such a cold climate. After fermentation, the wine is racked into 500L used acacia barrels for 14-16 months to soften the wine. The wine is bottled unfiltered.
More About the WineIt is incredibly difficult to grow red grapes in Velm-Gotzendorf. The region is totally exposed to the cold north winds and Hannes and his dad were always questioned on why they would even attempt it. In 2014, no red wine was even produced. The wines are incredibly fresh though, and worth the effort.

Wine Data


TA5.7 g/L

RS1.1 g/L

Sulfur15ppm added at bottling

Soillimestone, gravel

Altitude193m (633ft)

Vineyard Age33 years

Production Size216 cases

PairingSteak tartare, beets, venison, beef bourguignon, steak with chimichurri, chilaquiles, steak salad. Cuisines: French, Austrian, Mexican, American

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