Revolution Red Solera MV

Winery Bioweingut Johannes Zillinger

Region Niederösterreich, Austria

Grapes Cabernet Sauvignon 50%, Zweigelt 25%, Roesler 25%
ProfileBright, tart, and fragrant. This wine is also surprisingly dense. The time in qvevri definitely lends a bit of texture to otherwise fairly thin skinned, cold-resistant varieties. Notes of red cherry, blueberry, and huckleberry play with subtle hints of terragon and sage. A bit of a spicy character comes from the stem inclusion.
Grape GrowingPermanent natural grass and floral cover crop between the rows, and different type of herbs under the vines. Preparations 501-509 are made on the estate and applied throughout the year. The grapes are hand harvested in the beginning of September
WinemakingThe production of this wine actually started over three years ago. The first solera (of Cabernet Sauvignon) was started in 2016 with 2017 & 2018 vintages added later as well. The other solera is of the hybrid grape Roesler, also the same three vintages, but only about half of the volume of the Cabernet. The Cabernet is then aged for another six months in used 1500L acacia barrels, the Roesler is aged in steel. The Zweigelt is fresh each year and goes into qvevri (Georgian amphorae) whole cluster for a sixth month long fermentation and maceration underground. After this, the resulting wine is blended with the soleras, never filtered, never sulfured, and finally bottled. (Bottled on March 1, 2020)
More About the WineRoesler and Cabernet are cold resistant hybrid grapes. They are not the same type of grapes most modern wines are made from. The Cabernet Sauvignon is a type of strain belonging to the PIWI family, meaning that it is crossed with cold resistant hybrids to ensure a healthy harvest each year. While most traditional producers shun these grapes, Johannes embraces them as they work very well in his extreme climate for red grapes.

Wine Data



TA6.2 g/l


Sulfur25 mg total

SoilLime sandstone and Loess

Altitude178-230(meters) 583-754(feet)

Vineyard Age20-35 years

Production Size583 cases

PairingBeets, Goat Cheese, Quail, Yakitori, Okonomiyaki, Borscht, Chicken Pot Pie, Poutine, Huevas Rancheros, Black Beans, Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Mostly anything related to chicken. Cuisines: American, Japanese, Canadian, Mexican, French

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