Tiepido Modena DOC 2014

Winery Claudio Plessi

Region Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Grapes Lambrusco Grasparossa 100%
ProfileDense color, light bodied, refreshing red that is best served chilled. It has a bit of a spicy and stemmy nose, that leads to a crisp mouthfeel. A lot of blue fruit dominates the nose. It is bottled as a frizzante wine at 3 atmospheres of pressure.
Grape GrowingSpurred cordon training. Claudio uses copper sulfate before rain, and organic fertilizer to assist vineyard health and growth only when planting new vines. Harvest is in mid-October, done by hand.
WinemakingIndigenous yeasts are used for fermentation. Nothing is added to the wine that is not naturally found in the vineyard. The SO2 is very low and not added during bottling . The grapes are de-stemmed, and the fermentation is done in stainless steel. The maceration time is 3 days, at room temperature. The wine is the aged over the course of 5 months in steel before being bottled without fining or filtering.
More About the WineGrasparossa is a clone type of Lambrusco that grows in the area around the province of Modena in Emilia-Romagna. It is a very hearty grape that produces high yields. The farming and cultivation are done organically without any kind of chemicals or pesticides. The harvest is done by hand.

Wine Data




RS2.7g/L (Extra Brut)

Sulfur23ppm, 4ppm free


Altitude51m (167ft)

Vineyard Age18 years

Production Size1000 bottles

PairingBeets, Salumi, Antipasti, Charcuterie, Lamb tartare, Venison, Pasta with Red Sauce Cuisines: Central Italian, Northernn Italian, Italian-American, German, Austrian.


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