Rosehaze 2020

Winery Purity Wines

Region California, United States

Grapes Pinot Gris 100%
ProfileThis is a pretty fun, textured wine. The wine is smooth, with a beautiful salmon color. Pinot Gris is naturally a pink skinned grape, hence the color. The fruit profile is mostly red apple and strawberry. There are sub notes of jasmine, and papaya as well. The nose is deceiving, being more on the ripe and rich side, the palate is quite bright and tart. There is a surprising level of acidity and lift on the finish.
Grape GrowingThe fruit was picked on 8/1/20. It came in cold and was covered in carbon dioxide, as whole clusters, to guard against oxidation. All vineyards are farmed organically, and hand harvested.
WinemakingThe fruit was then sealed up and allowed to rest for 10 days. Only native yeast is used in fermentation. On day 10, it was lightly tread by foot and left to macerate for several hours before pressing later that evening. The fermenting juice was then transferred to a poly tank where it completed fermentation over the next few weeks. The young wine was sampled daily to determine when it had matured sufficiently for an early bottling. This was bottled on October 5, 2020. Only native yeast is used in fermentation.
More About the WineThere are 12 acres co-planted with Semillon in an un-notable area in Contra Costa County- just to the north and east of Berkeley and Oakland in a suburban part of the Bay Area. While the area can be described as rather "methy," this vineyard is bomb. Thirty year old vines grafted over 15 years ago from Syrah to Pinot Gris are grown amongst walnut trees in area.... Noel can tell you something about each specific vine.

Wine Data



TA6.5 g/L

RS0 g/L

SulfurNone Added



Vineyard Age30 years, grafted over from Syrah 15 years ago

Production Size130 cases

PairingPapaya salad, Crab Louie, Dungeness crab, Shrimp cocktail, Watermelon, Fried catfish, Bouillabaise, Fried Okra Cuisines: Seafood, Pan-American, Provençal, Southern American


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