Rufia Orange 2018

Winery João Tavares Wines

Region Dão, Portugal

Grapes Siria 28%, Bical 24%, Cerceal Branco 18%, Encruzado 18%, Malvasia 12%
ProfileRustic, raspy, but with bright fruit notes of persimmon, tamarind, quince, and pear.
Grape GrowingNo-till, grass cover cropping is practiced. Organic practices are used in vineyard such as use of copper and sulphur; flowers and herbs such as chamomile act as fungus repellent and other flower's pollen protect our vines in wet springs. No use of herbicides, pesticides, or any other applications. The vineyard's floor is covered with autochthonous flowers such as chamomile, clover, serradella and also some different types of grasses. At end of each row there are autochthonous lavenders which act as natural defense for vines against fungi and any other disease. The vines are surrounded by oaks, pines, and eucalyptus. We can find lots of different birds, bees, ladybirds and on the soil ants and lots of soil earthworms.
WinemakingVineyard sorting and manual triage table after. The bunches pass through the de-stemmer and then spend a total time on skins of 21 days. Fermentation takes place in open 1,20 x 1,5m stainless steel tanks. Only wild yeast is used during spontaneous fermentation. Non-temperature controlled fermentation takes place over 7 days with skin maceration in open tank and then it is racked to barrels where it finishes. The wine spends 9 months with primary lees contact in 400L neutral barrels but with no stirring. Malolactic fermentation happens during this time. The wines are not fined or filtered and bottled artisanally directly from the barrels.
More About the WineThis is the third vintage of this wine's production. The blend will always change based on which grapes in the nursery are coming into maturity.

Wine Data



TA5.89 g/L

RS<0.3 g/L

Sulfur40ppm, 25ppm free

SoilTypical Dão old granitic soils, with plots of even older shale and clay due to marine sediments from 500 million years ago

Altitude550m (1804ft)

Vineyard Age5 years

Production Size1932 bottles

PairingHard cheese, especially parmesan, carbonara, chicken tagine, pilaf, pumpkin, squash, teriyaki, Mongolian sauce. Cuisines: Central Italian, Moroccan, Caucasian, Japanese, Chinese

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