Steinwandl DAC 2020

Winery Schloss Maissau

Region Niederösterreich, Austria

Grapes Grüner Veltliner 100%
Grape GrowingThe vintage 2020 was compared to the previous years more humid and lower in temperature. But we were lucky to get this much rain because the soil was almost dried out from the hot years before (2015, 2017, 2018, 2019). And the soil is not fat anyway – there is a lot of granit in the underground, which means the water levels are low. But on the other side, the wine is provided a lot of minerality. The rainfalls also cause some problems we have to solve: We have to prevent the growth of fungus diseases like Oidium and Peronospora. One of the most important things for us is to bring out organic compost in the vineyards every year to liven up the soil. Only a living soil can support and strengthen the vines. In every second row we plant a green cover with different plant species and into the other row we bring out some straw that we get from the neighbouring organic farms. Just a little bit to protect the soil from the direct sunlight and bring in some more organic material. These things help us a lot to reduce spraying of copper and sulphur.
WinemakingThe grapes are hand-picked from the vineyard „Steinwandl“ (Stein = stone; wandl = wall). The vineyard is next to a big granite wall and also in the underground you find a lot of granite. Harvest time was on the 6th of October 2020. When the selected grapes come into the cellar we put them straight into the press with destemming and crushing. Before, we close the press to leave the berries for another 12 hours in contact with the juice to extract more typical peppery and ripe aromas from the skins. We are not using any sulfur or other additions to the grapes or must. We are not pumping any grapes or mash – we are only using gravity to bring the grapes into the press. After about 10 hours of sedimentation of the must we rack it into the fermenting tank. We inoculate the juice with a neutral and natural yeast to start the fermentation as soon as possible. The fermentation is controlled by temperature at 21°C (70°F). After about 20 days of fermenting we still keep the wine in the tank on the full lees without sulphur for 8 more weeks. After that we move the wine into a different stainless steel tank, fill it up and add some sulphur to protect it from oxidation. Leave it there on the fine lees the next 6 months until bottling.

Wine Data



TA5.9 g/L

RS2.1 g/L

Sulfurfree 28gm/L- total 78mg/L

SoilGranit soil

Altitude325m (1066 feet)

Vineyard Age35 years

Production Size500 cases

PairingWhite fish, Scallops, Fresh veggies, Steamed veggies, Cauliflower steaks, Trout, Brandade Cuisine: Japanese, Austrian, Peruvian, Scandinavian, Russian

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