Region Tejo, Portugal

Winemaker João Nunes

João was born in Tomar where he lives today, he studied in Lisbon, worked in Douro but when the opportunity came, he flew right back home to work with Alveirão! Alveirão is a familiar, tiny, organic winery and has an amazing team, one day we are racking the wines and the other driving to Dusseldorf for a wine tasting show. Ti. Armando is the old man that took care of the vineyards from the beginning, he is now teaching me and the younger “Magriço” Né. The five brothers: from Mr. Luís's willingness to support the project, to the leadership of Mr. Rogério, and last but not least Alexandra, who helps us make the wines, and get them on the path in the right direction. "We let the wild herbs and flowers grow on the vineyards, trying to preserve our ecosystem's equilibrium. Our geographical position gives us lots of benefits: great day-night thermal amplitude, less precipitation, and humidity and a huge amount of sunshine hours by year. We use copper and sulfur when needed, as well as wild plant teas and infusions like ferns, stinging nettles, chamomile and even garlic! Vineyard fertilization is done with sheep manure, vegetal compost, or sometimes with some herbs that provide us nitrogen (Vicia sativa L.) We use some biodynamic treatments, but incorporate some of our own learned skills. For example, one can't find many references about the uses of ferns! But in our experience, ferns are tremendous insect repellents - we use them for grape moths with a unbelievable efficacy! It takes more time, much more work, but in the end its worth it. We are not using petrochemicals, not using high input of energy etc! We respect everything, from the soil to a mosquito, from our wines to our people."- João Nunes

Philosophy: The Alveirão name came from the lands where are the vineyards located, the “Alveiros”, lands with white limestone soil, that the winery respects and preserves carefully. This is not a region known for organic viticulture, in fact Alveirão is the only certified organic winery in the whole region. These wines are a great inexpensive alternative to wines of the Southern Rhône. The wines show great ageability as well, not a quality often seen at this price point.

Winery Data

Vineyard Size15 ha

Total Winery Production66,660 bottles

FarmingCertified Organic


Grapes Planted (Red)Trincadeira, Castelao, Tinta Roriz

Grapes Planted (White)Fernao Pires, Arinto, Malvasia Fina, Rabo-de-Ovelha

Something RandomWe are the firefly winery!

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