Angol d'Amig

Region Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Winemaker Marco Lanzotti

Marco's road began years ago at the Stallo del Pomodoro, an osteria in Modena, where the wine list included hundreds of labels. The owner and the patrons stimulated his curiosity, which soon gave way to a sort of pilgrimage to discover as much as he could about the people and the vineyards that were "hiding" behind those labels.   His wandering led him to meet many poetic, healthy, friendly, and hardworking people, and to taste unforgettable wines. He began telling these stories at the tables, which instilled in him the desire to deepen the culture of the countryside. He soon fell in love with the quest for knowledge and thus began a second pilgrimage that saw him collaborate and finally learn how to make wine. He is grateful to some virtuous friends that helped him in the early stages, and who have been fundamental in his growth. He eventually left the osteria (though never as a customer), and in 2013 completed the first harvest of Angol d'Amig with grapes chosen bunch by bunch, producing 2,000 bottles. Since then, he has continued to work respecting the land and people, and now produces 8000 bottles on about 3 hectares of vineyards. The goal is to continue to grow, in a moderate and sustainable manner. The history and our journey at Angol d'Amig continues with the curiosity and the desire to welcome anyone, passing through Vaciglio who wants to stop and get to know us, our land and our wines.

Philosophy: Angol d'Amig is a collective who have contributed their talents and passions to the birth of their own wine. In the countryside and in the cellar, all decisions are made keeping in mind the concept that wine is a food and, as such, must be healthy, digestible, and natural. Angol d'Amig is a union of friends who pursue "il Buon Vivere"- the good life: drinking wine with people known and unknown, in front of a sunset or in an osteria, in silence or listening to wonderful music. We want to live the good life, and we consider drinking beautiful wine to be the heart of our philosophy.


Winery Data

Vineyard Size3ha

Total Winery Production667

FarmingNatural, Biodynamic Practices

Something RandomWe advise you to share Sandrone with lovely people, or with yourself- somewhere with great atmosphere, while listening to brilliant music; at dawn or sunset; by the sea or in the mountains; but above all in large quantity- not tasting, but drinking. CHEERS!

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