Claudio Plessi

Region Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Winemaker Claudio Plessi

Claudio is a mentor and teacher to the new generations of winemakers in Modena. The land the Azienda sits on has been cultivated by the Plessi family for centuries. In 1958 the family decided to buy the farmland and work for themselves. The vineyard was planted in Modena the same year with the vines trained to elm trees. Lambrusco as well as white grapes were produced in the cellar with wooden equipment. Over the years, they moved from using animals for fieldwork to machinery but not much else has changed. Since 1986, Claudio has been running the farm organically, with certification since 1993. The vineyard has been planted to only indigenous varieties since 2000; it is not irrigated and the harvest is manual. Historical and geographical features on the territory: flat land located at 50 m asl FAL soil rich in limestone, of alluvial origin (Rio dei Gamberi and Torrente Tiepido) with historic irrigation system of medieval origin (San Pietro canal). Environmental conditions of the area subject the vineyards to spring frost, so that the productive range of the vineyard is kept at a bit higher elevation.

Philosophy: Claudio is a member of the VAN (Vignaioli Artigiani Naturali), a group of winemakers that make their wines to the following standards: grapes are grown organically or biodynamically and hand harvested. Only spontaneous fermentation is used. All wines have a maximum of 40 ppm of SO2 added. The wines are made without any additions of chemicals, specially designed yeasts, or any other oenological coadjutant. Wines are made without any invasive physical techniques such as reverse osmosis, cross-flow filtration, pasteurization, or sterile filtration.

Winery Data

Vineyard Size3.2ha

Total Winery Production3000 Bottles

FarmingCertified Organic


Grapes Planted (Red)Lambrusco Grasparossa

Something RandomWinery is growing, but currently only produces three wines.

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