Rodriguez de Vera Vineyard Collectors

Region Alicante, Spain

Winemaker Pepe Rodrigues de Vera

After 7 generations of winegrowers, our family, Rodríguez de Vera, driven by the passion of Pepe Rodríguez de Vera, decided in 2010 to make the leap to winemaking, using our most symbolic vineyards located in Finca Casalta, in the Chinchilla de Montearagón, Albacete, within the Almansa Designation of Origin. We have to say that they were not easy beginnings, since our experience was based entirely on the management of the vineyard, and we had never produced wine in a professional way, so we did successive tests that failed in the garage at home while we were gaining experience. With the help of friends and family and the experience gained, we finally managed to make what we liked, a wine that defends our best terroir. Throughout the years we have been faithful to our roots: Viticulture. And since our ambition is to grow in quality, we decided to acquire new vineyards in different locations driven by a passion that is to know, develop and manage those plots in locations completely different from what we were used to. From there, from the vineyard that makes us fall in love, we plant the first seed that gives rise to a new branch of our project. Therefore, we will never try to obtain larger harvests than the vineyard is capable of maturing, but we will grow looking for new unique vineyards, those that many times are abandoned because they are not profitable and we recover and on other occasions they are not. brings the prominence they should have had many years ago.

Philosophy: Organic farming is less a philosophy and just the way he and his family did it the whole time. I asked him where he got these values and was confused since it's just their standard. In fact, some of the vineyards are not just organically farmed, but outright get zero applications of anything... they just grow they way they grow from sun and rain. For him the goal is to have the wines show the best typicity of the grape and area. So he know, like we do, you want to aid the wine to be as it wants without doing too much. 11 years ago when he started, he like the taste of classical wines. However, with time he is more and more passionate about drinking and making natural wines without filtration or any sulfur additions. All the wines we purchased are unfiltered and with zero sulfur added.


Winery Data

Vineyard Size28 hectares

Total Winery Production2800 cases

FarmingOrganic or zero-application philosophy

CertificationNon-certified Organic

Grapes Planted (Red)Monastrell, Bobal, Cariñena, Syrah, Garnacha Tintorera and many other traditional varietals in small quantities

Grapes Planted (White)Merseguera, Moscatel and many other traditional varietals in small quantities

Something RandomPepe was at a family Christmas party and his uncle said "You know you have your grandmothers 120 year old vineyard in Rueda". Merry Chirstmas Pepe! Turns out it is all an ancient varietal of verdeja...yes with a "a" at the end! Verdejo is actually a clone of this original grape! It was abandoned and so Pepe is currently rehabilitating it.

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